Day 1: Travelling to Cuba

Internet is still new in Cuba, so I was unable to post an update about yesterday’s travels. From now on I’ll have daily internet access so look for more frequent updates.

We started off the voyage boarding our Air China flight to Havana. We were definitely provided with a cultural experience. The in-flight entertainment, the announcements, the food, and the staff were all Chinese. Our flight took off right on time, soaring over Lake Champlain and Burlington on its way south. We were even able to spot the bike path causeway that connects South Hero and Colchester!
As we neared Cuba, we fastened our seatbelts and prepared for our landing in Havana. The plane touched the tarmac just after 8:25 pm, and it was raining outside. The warm raindrops and distant palm trees greeted us as we walked across the runway. We made our way over the customs where we were greeted by our partners from the Jose Marti Institute.

The team after arriving at the Havana Airport.

Lorraine from the insititute helped guide us through customs. We had photos taken and passports checked. Some of us were even able to go through the “Diplomat/VIP” Line (See photo below) We then boarded our bus and headed to our hotel, the Bella Habana.

Some of us were able to go through the VIP line!
At the airport in Havana.
The team after getting off the flight in Havana.
The team meets with Lorraine from the Jose Marti Center at the Havana Airport.

We were greeted by Jorge at our hotel who served us sandwiches and drinks and guided us to our rooms. Take a look at photos from our day of travel:

On board the bus about to head to our hotel.
Heading to the hotel.
Arriving at the Bella Habana Hotel and being greeted by Jorge from the Jose Marti Center.
My room at the Hotel Bella Habana.
Inside my room at the Hotel Bella Habana.

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